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The mission of the Golden Isles Scholastic Chess
is to bring the benefits of a chess education to children.

GISCA promotes the study of chess as an educational tool for elementary, middle and high schools.

GISCA organizes tournaments for those students who are attracted to the competitive aspect of chess in order to spur them to higher levels of intellectual achievement.


Chess is one of the oldest and most challenging of games.  Through the medium of chess, children learn disciplined thinking skills which are applicable to other intellectual endeavors and life situations.  Research has shown that through playing chess both verbal and non-verbal standardized test scores improve in children of all intellectual abilities and backgrounds.  In addition, students learn patience, self-control, and sportsmanship while improving their confidence and self-esteem.

Chess education is extremely effective with children because:

  • Chess involves all levels of critical thinking (knowledge, comprehension, analysis, evaluation);
  • Chess requires forethought and cultivates visualization skills;
  • Chess improves problem solving skills;
  • Chess encourages children to overcome the fear of risk-taking;
  • Chess teaches concentration and self-discipline;
  • Chess enables children to assume responsibility for their decisions;
  • Chess rewards determination and perseverance;
  • Chess raises self-esteem and promotes good sportsmanship;
  • Chess encourages socialization skills that extend across cultures and generations;
  • Chess is fun!

Children from all backgrounds can succeed at chess.  Even children who are not performing well in school are inspired by chess and show a better attitude toward learning.