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Volunteer Information

Volunteers are extremely important to the success of Golden Isles Scholastic Chess Association (GISCA) and in support of the youth in the Golden Isles.  Volunteer opportunities are available on tournament days as well as on your own time.  There are many opportunities and something for almost everyone.  Please consider volunteering this school year!

There are many ways to actively volunteer and support GISCA tournaments.

Before the tournament begins, volunteers manage the GISCA web site, select and purchase door prizes, coordinate and transport trophies and setup of the playing area on Friday evening.

The day of a GISCA tournament is always busy and volunteers are crucial to smooth, quick, and courteous tournament operations. Lead by the GISCA Treasurer, volunteers perform on-site tournament registration, check-in, and process USCF membership registrations/renewals.

During the tournament, volunteers record the results of each game at the scorer's table. Volunteers also monitor non-competition areas for conduct that could damage school property or harm other youth.

There are also opportunities to support the actual competition itself. Assistant Tournament Directors (TD) place chess player pairing information into a computer. This is called a back-room TD. The back-room TD also updates the computer system with game results and determines the parings for the next round. This is a very easy job, but accuracy is paramount. We will be glad to teach you!

Assistant Tournament Directors also monitor chess games, answer questions, and resolve any disputes. This is called a floor TD. We will provide training and guidance for floor TDs monitoring the rated Grand Prix sections. Often, Novice Junior players require extra attention. Volunteers supporting the unrated novice sections do not need to have significant chess knowledge. Other Assistant TDs and the Chief TD are always available to help you.

Volunteers are needed to discreetly move within the playing area and take digital photographs of the youth in action.

After the tournament, volunteers put away the chess boards and chess equipment, return tables to the cafeteria, and role up mat on the gym floor. Volunteers are also needed to update the GISCA web site after the tournament with photos and results.